Three college mates and longtime friends were finally able to get together in New York for a flight to France.  Although they had traveled frequently in past, It had been a very long time since their last trip together and were very excited to embark on a three week journey to Europe.  Jude ran a small winery back home in California, and Dan and Kally, lived on the East Coast working for corporate companies.  They planned on taking in the vast European country side views, and visit some of the famous vineyards in France, Spain and Italy, learning the latest technology advancements for improving grape harvesting and quality of wine.

As soon as they land in Paris, Jude received a call about a mole that he had a doctor look at before leaving for Europe.  He got the devastating news that it was cancerous.  Now, they had one more thing on their minds and throughout the trip they discussed the event and its ramifications it would cause.  During a visit to an Aquarium in Barcelona, Jude learned how turtles use their shells to protect themselves from the environment and natural predators.

powerthread-yellow-logo-turtleIt then dawned on him, why couldn’t clothes do the same for people?  Why hasn’t there been an advance in clothing fabric technology?  Why are we using same cotton fabric for many years that has failed to protect us the way it should?  The lack of awareness regarding how harmful the sun can be is a major issue with humankind.  Nonetheless, there should be a relevant solution for those who are aware of the dangers and want to be protected outdoors.

After lot of education on the subject and extensive research, Powerthread was born.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our consumers by utilizing the most modern technology advancements in our products.  We are committed to bringing you finest quality power fabrics to keep you comfortable and protected so you can go about your day worry-free.  Visit our Why Us page to learn more about us and the products we are offering.

If you have any questions or comments for us, please write to us at;   hi@powerthread.co