Women’s permanent anti-UV antibacterial t-shirt
Want to enjoy the outdoors and not have to worry about harmful UV rays or rash causing bacteria? Harmful UV radiation from sunlight causes wrinkles, sun spots, broken capillaries and a dry, dull complexion. Skin cancer is the most serious result. Read our blog to learn more.  A typical white t-shirt allows as much as 50% of UV radiation to pass through when dry and about 70% when wet. This Shirt, approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation to protect against UV rays, is not only super lightweight and comfortable to wear; the advance technology used in making this shirt allow us to provide permanent UV protection and permanent antibacterial function guaranteed for the life of the garment! Instead of slathering your skin with potentially harmful chemicals from the sun screen lotions every two hours that don’t do half of the job and adds in your skin, or instead of putting on a typical cotton shirt, consider trying our cool comfortable Shirt.  We welcome you to see the power of our fabric first hand.
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