So what is unique about us, you wonder?

As opposed to providing an ordinary typical shirts like others that don’t serve any real purpose, we strive to be different.  We ensure that all of our products always come with powerful functions built into them that protect, comfort and nurture your skin and body.  At one time, wearing an ordinary shirt for the sake of having something on your back was acceptable, but in today’s day and age we should have more expectations of what we wear.  Why shouldn’t our shirts protect us from sun’s harmful UV rays or odor and rash causing bacteria that lurks in our sweat?  How about an arm sleeve that protects from UV rays and nurtures our fatigue muscles while cooling us down from the heat?  And think about how it would be to own a pair of socks that take care of your tired feet, and better yet, improve blood circulation to reduce muscle fatigue and give you extra energy to keep you going stronger longer?  We are 100% committed to prevention and problem solving.  Our brand don’t only get the job done, but it situates you better than ever before.

At Powerthread, we aim to be the most respected functional fashion brand.  We are dedicated to bringing you premium quality apparel made with finest, most advanced fabrics to keep you comfy and protected as you go about your day.  Instead of purchasing a shirt without any thought, we want to give you real reasons for doing that.  More than ever before, we are using our innovative methods to make regular clothing not only comfortable, but a guardian of your body as you go hiking, fishing, playing sports, driving and even gardening.

powerthread-anti-UV-antibacterial-women-t-shirtOur shirts uniquely have permanent anti-UV and antibacterial functions built in them by the use of most advanced knitting technology.  As opposed to chemical dipping done by others where the value diminishes with each wash and goes away after 10 to 30 washes, our fabric is knitted with advanced methods such that the outer layer permanently blocks sun’s UV rays while we have embedded thin refined sliver threads to the inner layer to make it permanent antibacterial, so the bacteria can’t survive living in it.  These qualities are guaranteed for the life of the garment.  As a result our shirts are not only super lightweight and long lasting, but they have added air circulation making it dry and comfortable to wear.  We also are proud to make sizes available for children, who are equally vulnerable to the dangers of the outdoors.

powerthread-anti-UV-cooling-extended-women-sleeveOur sleeves are created with a unique advanced thermo-regulating technology which is similar to how our body uses the sweat to cool itself.  The heat is transported out through evaporation of the outer layer of the sweat, the thermo regulating technology in our sleeves quickly transports heat away from our body.  As a result, our sleeves not only provide protection from the sun, but they are extremely light weight and breathing – the wind flows right through it, instantly cooling you.  The gradual built-in compression improves muscle health and endurance by promoting blood circulation and reducing muscle fatigue.  As an added bonus, it also protects the skin from mosquito and other bug bites.  Our sleeves are already popular among the hiking community, as repeat buyers keep coming back with great confidence in our products.

Next time you are wondering what to wear for hiking, participating in outdoor sports, a picnic, boating, or outdoor wear for fishing or a day at the beach, consider bringing along one of our high quality, multi-functional shirts, sleeves, or socks.  Keep in mind that our brand is ideal for anyone who is active in the outdoors and at risk for high exposure to the sun or other creatures of nature.  Give us a chance to prove the endurance of our brand and you will not be let down.  From exposed arms to tired swollen feet, we are convinced that we have the right product for your needs.  We are Powerthread, and we proudly add powerful functions to fashion to make your life easier and allow for more safe time in the sun. We are pleased to be a brand that is there for our customers in ways that they deserve.

If you have any questions or comments for us, please write to us at;   hi@powertrhead.co